Diodes and Rectifiers Brief Introduction

Kingtronics produce and sell many different kinds of diodes and rectifiers, general purpose diode M7, 1N4007, 1N5408, switching diodes LL4148, zener diodes BZV55C, fast recovery diodes etc. These diode products are widely used in LCD TV, CRT color TV sets, monitors, speakers, energy-saving lamps, microwave ovens, printers, set-top boxes, small household electrical appliances and other fields. Please refer to below product list of diode. If you would like to check our full products list, please go to Products link.

Diodes and Rectifiers Photos

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Diodes,Rectifiers and Transistors Full List

    General Rectifier Diode

  1. R-1 General Purpose Rectifier 1A1-1A7
  2. A-405 General Rectifier 1N4001S-1N4007S
  3. DO-41 General Purpose Rectifier 1N4001-1N4007
  4. DO-241AC General Rectifier M7 (SMD4001-4007)
  5. SMA-J General Purpose Rectifier S1A-S1M
  6. DO-15 General Purpose Rectifier 1N5391-1N5399
  7. DO-15 General Purpose Rectifier RL201-RL207
  8. DO-27 General Purpose Rectifier 1N5400-1N5408
  9. DO-27 General Purpose Rectifier 6A05-6A10
  10. R-6 General Purpose Rectifier 6A05-6A10
  11. R-6 General Purpose Rectifier P6A05-P6A10
  12. R-6 General Purpose Rectifier P600A-P600M
  13. R-6 General Purpose Rectifier 10A05G-10A10G
  14. R-6 General Purpose Rectifier 10A05-10A10
  15. SMA General Purpose Rectifier GS2AA-GS2MA
  16. SMA General Purpose Rectifier GS1A-GS1M
  17. SMA-J General Purpose Rectifier GS1A-GS1M
  18. SMB General Purpose Rectifier GS2A-GS2M
  19. SMC General Purpose Rectifier GS3A-GS3M
  20. Fast Recovery Rectifiers

  21. DO-41 Fast Recovery Rectifier FR101-FR107
  22. DO-15 Fast Recovery Rectifier FR151-FR157
  23. DO-15 Fast Recovery Rectifier FR201-FR207
  24. DO-27 Fast Recovery Rectifier FR301-FR307
  25. DO-41 Fast Recovery Rectifier 1N4933-1N4937
  26. SMA-J Fast Recovery Rectifier RS1A-RS1M
  27. SMA Fast Recovery Rectifier RS2A-RS2M
  28. SMB Fast Recovery Rectifier RS2A-RS2M
  29. SMB Fast Recovery Rectifier RS3A-RS3M
  30. SMC Fast Recovery Rectifier RS3A-RS3M
  31. SMC Fast Recovery Rectifier RS5A-RS5M
  32. High Efficient Rectifiers

  33. DO-41 High Efficient Rectifier HER101-HER108
  34. DO-15 High Efficient Rectifier HER151-HER158
  35. DO-15 High Efficient Rectifier HER201-HER208
  36. DO-27 High Efficient Rectifier HER301-HER308
  37. DO-41 Fast Recovery Rectifier UF4001-UF4007
  38. DO-15 High Efficient Rectifier UF2001-UF2007
  39. DO-27 High Efficient Rectifier UF5400-UF5408
  40. R-6 High Efficient Rectifier HER601-HER608
  41. SMA-J High Efficient Rectifier US1A-US1M
  42. SMA High Efficient Rectifier US1A-US1M
  43. SMA High Efficient Rectifier US2A-US2M
  44. SMB High Efficient Rectifier US2A-US2M
  45. SMB High Efficient Rectifier US3A-US3M
  46. SMC High Efficient Rectifier US3A-US3M
  47. SMC High Efficient Rectifier US5A-US5M
  48. Super Fast Recovery Rectifiers

  49. DO-41 Super Fast Recovery Rectifier SF11-SF18
  50. SMA Super Fast Recovery Rectifier ES2A-ES2J
  51. SMB Super Fast Recovery Rectifier ES3A-ES3J
  52. SMC Super Fast Recovery Rectifier ES5A-ES5J
  53. SMA-J Super Fast Rectifier ES1A-ES1J
  54. SMA Super Fast Rectifier ES1A-ES1J
  55. SMB Super Fast Rectifier ES2A-ES2J
  56. SMC Super Fast Rectifier ES3A-ES3J

    Transient Voltage Suppessors

  1. DO-201AD 1500W Transient Voltage Suppessor 1.5KE
  2. DO-41 400W Transient Voltage Suppessor P4KE
  3. DO-15 600W Transient Voltage Suppessor P6KE
  4. R-6 Transient Voltage Suppessor 10SQ050
  5. DO-15 Transient Voltage Suppessor SA5.0A-SA180CA
  6. SMA 400W Transient Voltage Suppessor SMAJ Series
  7. SMB 600W Transient Voltage Suppessor SMBJ Series
  8. SMC 1500W Transient Voltage Suppessor SMCJ Series
  9. Schottey Barrier Rectifiers

  10. SMA-J Schottky Barrier Rectifier SS12-SS110
  11. SMA Schottky Barrier Rectifier SS12-SS110
  12. SMA Schottky Barrier Rectifier SS22A-S210A
  13. SMB Schottky Barrier Rectifier SS22-SS210
  14. SMA Schottky Barrier Rectifier SS32A-SS310A
  15. SMB Schottky Barrier Rectifier SS32B-SS310B
  16. SMC Schottky Barrier Rectifier SS32-SS310
  17. SMB Schottky Barrier Rectifier SS52B-SS510B
  18. SMC Schottky Barrier Rectifier SS52-SS510
  19. DO-41 Schottky Barrier Rectifier 1N5817-1N5819
  20. DO-27 Schottky Barrier Rectifier 1N5820-1N5822
  21. DO-41 Schottky Barrier Rectifier SR120-SR1100
  22. DO-15 Schottky Barrier Rectifier SR220-SR2100
  23. DO-27 Schottky Barrier Rectifier SR320-SR3100
  24. DO-27 Schottky Barrier Rectifier SR520-SR5100
  25. SMA Schottky Barrier Rectifier SS12-SS110
  26. SMA Schottky Barrier Rectifier SS34L SS36L
  27. SMA Schottky Barrier Rectifier SS52A-SS510A
  28. Melf Surface Mount Rectifier SM4001-SM4007
  29. Melf Surface Mount Rectifier SM5817-SM5819
  30. Switching Diodes & Zener Diodes

  31. Fast Switching Diode LL4148 Minimelf SOD80
  32. Silicon Epitaxial Planar Switching Diode BAV70
  33. Silicon Epitaxial Planar Switching Diode BAV99
  34. Zener Diodes BZV55-SERIES
  35. Zener Diodes BZX55C
  36. Silicon Planar Zener Diodes BZX84C
  37. Silicon Planar Power Zener Diodes BZX85C
  38. Silicon Planar Power Zener Diodes 1N4727A-1N4761A
  39. Silicon Epitaxial Planar Zener Diodes ZMM1-ZMM75
  40. Silicon Planar Power Zener Diodes ZM4728-ZM4761
  41. Silicon Epitaxial Planar Switching Diode 1N4148
  42. Silicon Epitaxial Planar Switching Diode 1N4148W
  43. Silicon Epitaxial Planar Switching Diode 1N4148WS
  44. Silicon Epitaxial Planar Switching Diode 1N4148WT
  45. Small Signal Transistor

  46. PNP Silicon Epitaxial Planar Transistors BC807
  47. NPN Silicon Epitaxial Planar Transistors BC817
  48. NPN Silicon Epitaxial Transistors BC846-BC850
  49. PNP Silicon Epitaxial Transistors BC856-BC859
  50. NPN Silicon General Transistors MMBT3904
  51. PNP Silicon General Transistors MMBT3906
  52. NPN Silicon Epitaxial Planar Transistors MMBT8050
  53. PNP Silicon Epitaxial Planar Transistors MMBT8550
  54. PNP Silicon Epitaxial Planar Transistors MMBT9012
  55. NPN Silicon Epitaxial Planar Transistors MMBT9013
  56. NPN Silicon Epitaxial Planar Transistors MMBT9014
  57. NPN Silicon Epitaxial Planar Transistors MMBT9018
  58. NPN Silicon Epitaxial Planar Transistors MMBTSC945

Kingtronics (Kt) Diodes and Rectifiers Packing Photos

About Diodes and Rectifiers

Diode have many types: ordinary rectifier diodes, ultra-fast rectifier diodes, transient voltage suppression diodes, switching diodes, high voltage diodes, diode bridge rectifier, SMT surface mount fast recovery diodes, surface-mount schottky diodes SMD, fast recovery rectifier diodes, schottky diodes, bi-directional trigger diodes, zener diodes,damping diodes, ordinary surface mount diodes SMT, SMT surface mount ultra-fast diodes, TO-220 packaged diodes, power snubber diode, etc.

Kingtronics diode include: M7, 1N4001S-1N4007S, 1N4001-1N4007, 1N5391-1N5399, RL201-RL207, 1N5400-1N5408, 6A05-6A10, FR101-FR107, 1N4933-1N4937, FR151-FR157, FR201-FR207, 1N5817-1N5819, 1N5820-1N5822, LL4148, BZV55C, RS1M, SM4007 melf, UF4007.1N4727A-1N4761A, BZX55C, 1N4148, 1N4148W, 1N4148WS, 1N4148WT.

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